I am totally 何とか
I'm crusing around youtube
and I'm looking at some of the comments you left here
on this japanese video, and I 何とか read some.
This can be(?) graphic.

run,run,run for your life, change and take(?)
over the youtube

another one,
stop using the word "jap"

would you say the word "nigger"?
no fuck'n way, you know you can getting trouble.
so fuck off!

bitch!shut up!
you 何とか all airhead kid,
fuck is jap shit!It's so stupid!
this is youtube,
speak fuck'n English!
Fuck is jap china shit!
Speak English!

To get my point, what happen to you guys,
what is wrong with you people?

You know,
sometimes I'm totally ashamed to be part of this community,
with some of these comments,the people leave,
hiding behind their flicking(?) computers,
four walls around them,
I guess you could say I am hiding behind a piece of paper.
Well, there's the point,da?

If you wanna see my face?
Go to my username and click on it.
You can see my views(?).
And I'd like to appologize to all you people out thereabout curse words.
But,my point is I had to say,
so,some of you will leave these curse words
and say this 何とか(racism?) shit.

Realize it.
Sometimes,we don't realize what we do,
何とか about it.
Get on life, peace.